Thor Gudmundsson

The decision to compete in a full-distance Ironman event really happened exactly one year prior to the 5/21/11 event, at a Hawaiian themed work BBQ event where Ironman Cozumel champion and Kona qualifier Dave Kyle told me to put up or shut up and just register for the darn thing! [...]Read more

Teresa Strong

Back in 2000 I ran my first race.  It was a marathon, and I was shocked and surprised at the emotions that I experienced during the race.  It was fun, and energizing, and the worst thing I had ever done in my life and impossible, and unachievable, and I told myself, “I am [...]Read more


This is a story about perseverance – a simple tale of grit overcoming adversity… and inertia…and it also happens to be a story about my wife, Karina. Two years ago, burdened by an illness that had knocked her body into imbalance, Karina could at best struggle through one slow [...]Read more

Gabrielle Baumeyer

My name is Gabrielle Baumeyer, and I am proud to say that giving children opportunities they deserve is my Reason2Race! Since the age of 15, I dreamed of doing something significant in the sporting arena; however, I wasn’t the athletic type and had challenges staying motivated to [...]Read more

Angelica Robles

Let’s start with the night before the race. As expected, I could not sleep much.  I kept looking at the time realizing 4am was fast approaching. I got up and started to prepare for the most incredible day of my life. I ate my breakfast, put on my spanking new OnUrLeft triathlon [...]Read more

Alex Glaros

Since age 12 when I first saw a televised broadcast of Ironman, I have wanted to complete a triathlon  The athletes’ level of commitment to accomplish that type of event was very appealing to me, but over the years, I used my busy life and not having a bike as obstacles to [...]Read more

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