How Reason2Race Works

Our goal is to have you win, so we work with you to have peer-to-peer fundraising work for you. You may be asking, “How do you do that?”

Here’s how.

We show you how to invite your group of supporters, whether it’s ten or 10,000, to participate with your organization in a new way.

We believe that everyone has a natural desire to make a difference. We know that sometimes people are stopped in expressing and taking action on that desire. We show you a process that’s easy for your supporters to follow and gets them back in touch with their aspiration to make their social impact. We give you a starting point and, even better, a road map to follow, and it all starts with your asking your supporters this simple question: “What goal do you want to accomplish? Is it to walk a 5K, run a half marathon, complete a yoga program, get healthy/lose weight, win a snowboarding competition?” Then we show you how the peer-to-peer fundraising model can support them in reaching their goal. The end result is increased awareness and funds for your cause.

What We Provide

We provide the following tools and to enable your success with this unique fundraising method:

  • Online fundraising pages for athletes to craft their message and share their race goal with family and friends
  • Unlimited event and athlete pages – Athletes can race any event, anywhere, anytime of year
  • Reliable and secure donation processing
  • Unique marketing message that communicates clearly the opportunity to choose your cause as a Reason2Race
  • Support to ensure fundraising is maximized and questions are answered timely
Your yearly subscription fee also includes:
  • Automatic eligibility to participate with our Program Partners.
  • Program Partners provide the ability to win thousands of additional donation dollars for your cause – over $50,000 available
  • Invaluable team leader one-on-one coaching and support to ensure maximum value is achieved in partnering with Reason2Race
  • Over 15 communication templates for building and supporting your fundraising team in reaching their goals
  • Automatically generated emails: welcoming team members, acknowledging donations and thank you messages to donors
  • Support in answering the key question “How do I encourage athletes to choose my cause as their Reason2Race?”
  • Branding on fundraisers’ webpages including your organization’s logo and message on each page
  • Use of our administration tool for managing your events, user accounts and donor information
  • Monthly distribution of donor reports formatted for easy upload into your CRM system
  • Unlimited email and phone support

What Reason2Race Costs

We keep our costs low, yet the benefits your organization achieves from fundraising are limitless.

  1. Each nonprofit pays $500/year subscription fee
  2. Athletes set up fundraising pages at no cost to them
  3. Each online donation incurs a 6.5% processing/handling fee* (Includes all credit card fees. No additional fees apply. Donors have the option to pay online donation fee to help offset cost.)
  4. There is no cost for offline donations received by your organization yet they can be tracked on the Reason2Race fundraiser campaign

For questions or partnership inquiries please contact

  • LOVE THE REASON2RACE PROGRAM. Their staff is AMAZING and really took my charitable fundraising to a whole new level by being my amazing mentor and partner.
    - JenniferA4Autism, Inc
  • I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to work with someone that thinks like we do.  Where has Reason2Race been all of our lives?
    - Matthew and RachelShawn's Anomaly
  • Our team members Keri and Francisco did great with your model!  We all really had fun Saturday morning.  I know I felt very invigorated after the race.  So glad to have joined R2R.
    - CarlyDiscover Fitness Foundation
*Reason2Race is committed to making a difference with others, 50% of our profit is donated to charitable causes each year. We see this as another way to make an impact in our local and global community.


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